Buy House on the Silver Coast

On the Silver Coast the prices of real estate are still attractive, so there are opportunities to buy a beautiful villa, to realize a dream, where this is still financially feasible.
Around Lisbon and further south, the prices of real estate are considerably higher.
The silver coast is being developed more and more, and this is noticeable in the annual price increase of the property.
Buying a house on the silver coast therefore gives a valuable property, the value of which increases every year.
The Silvercoast, Silver Coast or also known as Costa da Prata, is known as one of the most important growth regions at the moment.
The prices are attractive, but also because of its mild climate, the silver coast is a very attractive area for Northern Europeans.
In the north of the country it is cold in the winter with night temperatures that can go below zero, and in the south of the country it is warm in the summer, where the mercury can reach 35 degrees.
The middle area of ​​the Costa da Prata here the nights in the winter are not colder than 8 degrees and the summer temperatures do not exceed 25 degrees
There are sometimes days with outliers, but this is more the exception than the regularity.
In the worst months of January and February, the afternoon sun can often be enjoyed and the afternoon temperatures can rise to 17 degrees. In the summer, the mercury during the day soon goes towards 25 degrees
The silver coast is therefore not lacking in sun.


Costa da Prata runs from Espinho in the north to Ericeira in the south.



This region is ideal for people who do not like mass tourism, but also do not want to sit too quietly.
The location is central, the country is elongated and because the silver coast is approximately in the middle, the tip north is almost as far as the tip south (depending on where one stands on the silver coast).
So you can quickly go either way and this is a big advantage
The Silvercoast has a beautiful coastline, beautiful beaches and beautiful bays, the hinterland is hilly and this provides beautiful views, the beach, the sea and the hinterland offers plenty of opportunities for walking, cycling, swimming, diving, surfing and rowing.
The silver coast is a paradise for golf lovers. Royal Obidos, Bom Sucesso, Praia d'el Rey, Golden eagle, Dolce camporeal, Vimeiro golf, are just a list of golf courses within the silvercoast.


3 important coastal towns of the silver coast are Foz do Arelho, Sao Martinho do Porto and Nazare.


Foz do Arelho with its wide beach and beautiful lagoon


Sao martinho do Porto has a beautiful bay, which is ideal for parents with children. The shelter of the bay makes the water calm.



In addition to its tourism, the pretty seaside town of Nazare has also retained its own traditions.
Originally a fishing village that has grown into a small town and seaside resort. Traditionally, the fish is laid too dry and sold to the public.
Nazare is less than an hour's drive from Lisbon airport.



Portugal has a rich and unique culture, lively cities and a beautiful varied landscape. It was once one of the poorest countries in Western Europe, but the end of the dictatorship, the introduction of democracy in 1974 and the accession to the European Union in 1986, have resulted in a significant increase in prosperity.
However, the silver coast has not yet been discovered by the masses and therefore still has relatively low prices.


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