New build villas

Our newly built villas are designed and built for permanent residence. Of course it does not matter whether you buy the villa for the purpose of a holiday home, 2nd home (partly in Portugal and partly live in another country) or as a permanent home.
Our villas are built by builders with over 20 years of experience in new construction to the standards and guidelines that the country prescribes. You can therefore be sure that you are purchasing a high-quality villa. The materials and degree of finish used here are of such high quality that you do not have to pay extra money to have a villa that is very luxuriously finished.
Due to the high-quality materials used in the construction of the villa, the villa is easy to maintain.




The location of these new to be built villas are chosen with care.
The silver coast is a beautiful region, but nobody wants the sound that causes a motorway or the view of a motorway.
We understand like no one else, when someone buys a villa, that he wants peace, but also does not want to be too far from everything.
Our Locations are selected for this.
Our new construction locations are located close to the coast, or with a 1st line sea location where you have a direct view of the sea from the garden or a little more inland.
For the exact location, see the description of the villa.



The price shown is always the price of the plot plus villa completely reduced.
Kitchen, floors, walls, bathrooms, interior doors, etc. (the finish) is included in this price.
The price is a key ready price and the owner then only has to place the furniture.
The finish can be selected to your own taste.
The type of sanitary ware, kitchen, floor, etc. can be found within the specification of the specifications.


In addition to the possibility that you purchase a villa within our current projects, there is also the possibility that we will show you multiple Lots / plots, selected by us based on your description and budget.
You choose the plot and our architect draws the villa, which meets your requirements.



We do full project supervision. From the moment you decide to buy a villa from us to the key delivery, we are at your side.
Think of;
* Bank> mortgage application, open bank account etc
* Go to the construction store with you, where you can select the materials for finishing.
* Periodic Report back, about the progress of the construction.



Our villas have a 5-year guarantee from the moment of delivery.



With our partners, we also take care of the design of your home, rental and property management.



The work of a notary in Portugal is not the same as the work of a Notary in the Netherlands> For certain activities you need a lawyer in Portugal. A notary in Portugal only does the transfer and does not find out, for example, whether a property has several owners and whether there are still debts on the property, etc. You will need a lawyer for this.
You can actually see it that way; the lawyer will find out if everything you buy is in order in terms of papers ... the final transfer will take place at the notary's office.
We always work with a lawyer



The transfer of real estate will always take place at a notary's office.

We would like to inform you further, and hope to meet you soon.

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