About us

The purchase of real estate abroad is one of the most important decisions in your life,

which for many is a one-off event and therefore so important to have the right trusted partner who supervises everything from A to Z.

HUISPORTUGAL wants to guide you with this, with years of experience since 2004 you are insured

from a trusted partner with expert knowledge.




In Portugal we are IMMOVILLA - real estate brokerage lda
AMI 16790 - Since 2004, we have been one of the first Dutch-speaking estate agents and have been able to fulfill many dreams to Dutch and Belgian clients.

Portugal is one of the most beautiful countries with the best climate and beautiful beaches, the silver coast where we operate is also our office located in the picturesque Obidos, from St Cruz to Nazare, with in the hinterland Rio maior here you will still find the real Portugal , with its nature and culture and the friendly hospitality of the people.


With us, the client is always central, with us you are assured of the right guidance. We guide you from A to Z where the service does not stop after the purchase. For example, if desired, we help customers with the decoration of their home and we offer a service for Furniture & decoration (where you can choose from different packages) and also think of, for example, water,electricity facilities , internet, the right partner for property management and more. of these practical matters


The business manager Eric Hamers is fluent in the Portuguese language and lives on site.

He and his team maintain contact with contractors, lawyers, tax specialists, architects, owners, etc.

to ensure that new construction and existing projects run smoothly

We guide you in all phases of the purchase and also in all phases of construction with our own team.


If you work with HUISPORTUGAL / IMMOVILLA you are assured that you

can count on a solid partner who have all legal and social obligations,

HUISPORTUGAL / IMMOVILLA has a recognized AMI in Portugal, this gives you the guarantee that everything runs correctly both legally and deontologically.


We only work with local reliable solvent contractors who have more than 20 years

experience in new construction.

Partly due to the strict legal requirements imposed by the government

You are guaranteed a high quality of your future real estate.


Purchasing an apartment or villa at HUISPORTUGAL / IMMOVILLA stands for transparency

When purchasing a new-build apartment to be built, the contractors deliver

bank guarantees, the buyer is not at risk.

When purchasing a villa, the land is first written in your name and then you pay the construction of the villa in installments ... the payment is always made afterwards, so that you do not run any risks. After all, the ground is yours at that moment and everything that is built on this ground remains yours.

A land contract and a construction contract are always linked

so that afterwards you will not get any unpleasant surprises in terms of budget or agreed deadlines.

So it is 1 amount for both, land plus villa.


The promissory contract must be drawn up by a lawyer, the final transfer takes place at a notary.


You will become 100% owner of the property

So you can do what you want with your property, rent it out - sell it

You can purchase the property in your own name or

with a company or with your children….


HUISPORTUGAL / IMMOVILLA has Portuguese employees, partly because of this

we know the market through and through and we can offer investment opportunities

with a nice return to customers who are looking for this.

We consider this extremely important, also to be able to acquire a nice added value

in the event of a subsequent resale of your property.



- Advice when buying and selling real estate
- Support during the purchase process
- Development of suitable advertising campaigns for each property.
- Project management

- Project development in collaboration with an architect / designing a house to your own liking is possible
- With our partners, we also take care of furnishing your home, rental and property management







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